A Comprehensive Guide for Casino Enthusiasts with 1099-G

Guide for Casino Enthusiasts with 1099-G


Welcome to SDG Accountant LLC’s tax blog, where we unravel the complexities of tax considerations for individuals receiving 1099-G forms from their casino adventures. If you enjoy the excitement of the casino, it’s crucial to understand and manage the associated tax implications wisely.

1. Casino Log Book:

A meticulous casino logbook is your financial ally. Record the specifics of each gambling session—dates, times, wins, and losses. This log serves as a crucial document supporting your tax claims and offers transparency in the event of an IRS audit.

2. Letter from the Casino:

Request an official letter from the casino detailing your wins and losses. This documentation is invaluable for justifying reported figures to the IRS. Ensure it includes the casino’s contact information, your player card details, and an official statement.

3. Full Reporting of Winnings:

For those claiming losses, accurate reporting of full winnings is paramount. Incorrect reporting can trigger IRS scrutiny. SDG Accountant LLC ensures precise tax filings, reducing the risk of audits related to gambling activities.

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4. Representation for IRS Notices:

Receiving an IRS notice related to gambling winnings and losses can be overwhelming. SDG Accountant LLC is here to represent you. Our experienced professionals navigate the complexities, ensuring you are well-represented and your rights are protected.

5. Assisting Non-Residents:

For non-resident gambling in the USA, SDG Accountant LLC specializes in filing Form 1040NR to help reclaim withholding tax. Whether you’re a Canadian exploring the casinos in Las Vegas or an American trying your luck in different states, our expertise ensures you receive the maximum refund.


Mastering the tax implications of casino activities demands careful planning and accurate record-keeping. SDG Accountant LLC stands ready to guide you through the process, providing expertise and representation for every gambler. Maximize your winnings, and minimize tax hassles—trust us with the numbers as you focus on the thrill of the game.

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